Saturday, June 19, 2010

Who are all these kids and WHY are they calling me Mom??


So, I’m sitting here eating some strawberry shortcake and missing my husband so much I can barely breathe…and thinking about our precious babies.

Tonight I had to run to the store for laundry detergent.  Our washing machine decided to start working again for some reason (YEAH!!) and I hadn’t gotten around to making anymore laundry soap so we ran to Brookshire’s.  As the sackboy was helping me carry my bags to the car he said, “Wow, are these all yours?” (referring to my kids) This question always cracks me up.  I get it surprisingly often.  I only have 4…FOUR…kids! Not fourteen.  My last name is not Duggar. (though, those that know me know I’d go there in a heartbeat) Now, I realize that I don’t have four normal children and sometimes being around my four can feel like there are fourteen children around, but still this question always cracks me up.  I said, “Yep, they’re all mine.” He said, “Wow, really”?  “Yep, wouldn’t change a thing….though I could use a vacation!!” 

HAHAHAhaha…even now that makes me chuckle.  The kids were being really quiet and obedient at the time too…he’d probably have a heart attack and die if he hung out at our house for 10 minutes!!



JC is such a sweet boy.  He is my old soul.  The wisdom that comes out of his mouth astounds me sometimes.  Tonight we were driving home from the store and he said (with tears in his eyes),

“Momma, look at Faith.  She is just so pretty.  When I look at her it just makes me happy.  It makes me think about her story.  It’s a blessing we still have her.”

The best big brother in the whole world. He was playing his XBox and Faith wanted to watch so he put her in his lap and played...for about 20 minutes! She just sat there...and he'd tell her what he was doing as he was playing...SO precious.

So, at this point I myself am tearing up and thinking about what a sweet sweet boy he is…and in the very next breath he says,

“Momma, do you think you and daddy can trade and you can be gone all the time and daddy can be home?”

Little rat.




Grace’s favorite song is Casting Crowns East to West.  She walks around singing it all day.  She has one of those tracks that you use when you are gonna sing a special at church. (I’m sure they have a name, but I don’t know what it is… :) She plays it on repeat ALL THE TIME and sings with it.  She and Eli like to have mini concert performances for me, JC, and Faith all the time.  They grab their ‘tars (guitars in Eli speak) and go to town. 

Her favorite line from the song (or the one that gets stuck in her head the most) is ‘here I am Lord and I’m drowning, in your sea of forgetfulness’.  Well, Eli apparantly got it stuck in his head today too and has walked around all day saying “Lord drown me” over and over again.  HAHAHAHA! I think he may be missing the lyrics a bit here. ;) They are SO cute together.  T.R.O.U.B.L.E. waiting to happen!




Today Faith’s blood sugar has been through the roof…again.  We upped her basal rate…again.  But still, her bedtime bg was 577! I corrected and two hours later she was 367.  I’m so frustrated with it.  And exhausted.  She is totally worth EVERY sleepless minute, but checking her bg every two hours around the clock is EXHAUSTING.  I feel so bad for her too because she is SO fussy and miserable.  I wish I could figure out what is going on with her! 

Today was our day to change her infusion set.  I removed the old one, inserted a new one, and sent her on her way while I cleaned up the mess that causes.  A few minutes later I walk through the kitchen and there lies Faith’s pump…still attached to the infusion set…that I just put in her thigh…  I was promptly informed that Eli had been playing with Faith and ripped it out of her leg!  Ouch!  Faith didn’t seem to mind…she just left it laying and went on about playing.  UNTIL she realized this meant I was going to have to insert a new one.  She started running away from me screaming “no momma, no momma, no momma”. It about killed me.  As soon as we got the new one inserted she was totally fine, didn’t cry a bit, but boy did I hesitate for a minute!  I made sure it was on there good and had a good talk with Eli about being careful with Sis’ pump.  Poor baby felt so bad.  He ran over and kissed her on the head and told her he was “sowwy”. He is so precious with her.  The pictures below were taken in the hospital one of the times she was in there.  They hadn’t seen each other in days and when I put them in the cage (hospital crib) together this is what happened.  Ugh, how cute is that??














Well, it’s time for me to check Faith again and try to get an hour or two of sleep.  Praying for good numbers!  (Sounds like I’m playing the lottery..)  Good night!

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