Friday, June 25, 2010

Always somethin…


So, now Faith’s body has decided to develop an allergic type reaction to her insulin.

Yes, her insulin.

You know, that life saving stuff that she must have in order to SURVIVE!

I want to shake her little body and say, “Don’t you know you NEED this stuff? Don’t you know it’s good for you??  WHY are you rejecting it??”

Then, I think of how this is what we so often do with the gospel…we fight off the very thing that will save our lives.  It’s GOOD for us…why do we fight it?


When I put Faith to bed Monday night I noticed a little pink in her canulla (the tubing that is inserted under the skin).  I thought that was odd, but she otherwise seemed fine so I just made a mental note of it.  The next day I walked in her room after her afternoon nap and she had pulled her infusion set out of her leg and was scratching at the site.  She never ever touches her infusion set so I knew something was up.  Upon further inspection I found that she had this really angry looking red bump.  It was hard as a rock and painful to the touch.

I texted several of my type one mom friends and none of them had experienced this before.  Why Faith insists on pioneering all these oddities is beyond me.  I really wish she’d go easy on me, but why start now? 

Ugh. I was afraid it had become infected so I started trying to call Dr Casas.  We played phone tag and I didn’t get to talk to him until the next morning.  By then it was looking better and the swelling was starting to go down.  He said that as long as it was an isolated incident and was looking better then we’d just put some neosporin on it and watch her. 

Next morning, walk in Faith’s room and alas…pulled another infusion set out.  Again, lovely red bump.  Not as bad as the one before, but definitely not normal.  Ring ring, Dr Casas.  He asks us to come in so he can see it and we make our way to Tyler. 

We get there and he checks it out and says he thinks she is having a reaction to her Novolog insulin.  (??!!  Really now? Her insulin??!!)  He gives us some Apidra to try. 

I insert another infusion set in the office, fill the pump with Apidra, and head home to see if that corrects the problem. 

So far, so good. 

We’ve made it through one whole set cycle and no redness or swelling.  I’m glad this problem had a fairly easy fix, but it makes me a bit nervous.  What do we do if she reacts to this new insulin??  I’ve looked online and it seems this reaction to Novolog isn’t unheard of.  I guess that’s good news.  (If you’re trying REALLY hard to see the silver lining here…maybe if you squint? ;)

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