Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CMN 2010 Celebration Telethon

Type 1 Diabetes sucks. Sorry, but it does. BUT, it has brought with it several fun experiences so far.  This was, by far, one of the kids’ favorites.

We were asked back in January if we would be interested in sharing Faith’s story through Children’s Miracle Network.  We were excited to do so.  Since that time we have been filmed at the hospital, Dr. Casas’ office, and in our home.  This footage (hours of it, lol, we know I can’t be brief) was condensed into a 3 minute video and then we got to be interviewed on the local news. 

We all truly enjoyed this experience.  When we left after the first day of the telethon our big kids got out in the parking lot and exclaimed (almost in unison) “Momma, I’m a STAR!” Well, kids, I don’t know that 10 minutes on the local news puts you at star status, but… I think it’s pretty close! ;)

Below are clips from the telethon…




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