Friday, June 11, 2010

Diabetes Insipidus

I’ve renamed this post a dozen times.  It started out with a light hearted name because it started out as a light hearted day.  It’s since gone downhill.  I’ll start the post with the fun stuff.  Then I’ll get to the other reality that exists in this house…


I’ve got to remember to keep my camera at the ready.  Bear with me, I’m new at this blogging stuff.  This morning the kids and I were supposed to take our annual trip to Blueberry Hills Farms.  We go every year with Robert and her kiddos and then go home and make blueberry pancakes with our bounty.  This morning it was storming. So we didn’t get to go today. 

The kids decided they wanted popcorn, but I only had one of those easy peasy microwave bags.  One is NEVER enough in this house, SO, I decided I would pop some the old fashioned way in a pot.  All went well until I realized that maybe…just maybe…I had gotten a little over ambitious with the amount of popcorn I poured into the pot.  My first clue was when the popcorn started to lift the heavy glass lid off the pot!  I was certain I’d poured too much however, when it started to overflow all over the stove, counter, and into the floor!  I so wish I had a picture!  The kids started laughing and catching it as it was falling from the pan like it was manna from heaven.  Hilarious!

Later I was in the bathroom blow drying my hair when Grace came in and gave me a hug. 

Grace: “Thank you for letting us have a great day even though we didn’t go blueberry picking.”

Me: “You’re welcome, baby.”

Grace: “Have we been good today?”

Me: “Yes ma’am, yall sure have.”

Grace: “What do you say, momma?”

Me: “What do you mean, what do I say?”

Grace: “Say Thank you, momma.”

Me: “Thank you, Grace.”

Grace: “You’re welcome, momma.  We thought we’d surprise you today.”

Lol. That child.


Today Faith has had an unquenchable thirst.  Now, looking back, it’s been building for days.  I dismissed it as the heat and such the past couple days, but today there was no mistaking it.  This morning I poured her 8 oz of water.  I handed it to her and poured the other kids some drinks.  By the time I got theirs poured she had downed hers and was asking for more.  Since then she has taken @ 100 oz the best we can figure.  Of course some of that has been spilled, but that’s abnormal any way you slice it.  She has soaked her diaper and every outfit she’s had on today.  Her blood sugar has been right on target and she has no symptoms of being sick, but because of her thirst I decided to check her ketones. Large. Ugh. Ring Ring, Dr Casas.  Thank God for him.  I have to take Faith in tomorrow morning to be tested for Diabetes Insipidus.  This is a totally different type of diabetes that she may have in addition to Type 1.  My heart is very heavy tonight.  Say an extra prayer for my baby girl today if you think about it.

Went out to tuck the chickens in and two of them were missing.  For some reason they’d decided to roost on Lulu’s (the mini schnauzer) outside kennel.  Took them to their own beds and realized…hmm, it’s awful quiet…where is my Lulu…gone. Praying she’s back home in the morning.  Chuck and I both drove up and down the road and called and called for her. No Lulu.  Man, I’m ready for this day to be over.


The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble.  He cares for those who trust in him. 

Nahum 1:7


  1. I will be praying for Faith and the family!

    How old is Grace? She reminds me so much of Bryce (he will be 7 next week). He can be the sweetest child, but he is also the one that keeps me on my toes all the time. He asks several times a day "Are we being good today?"

  2. It was great to meet your family the other day. What an inspiration you all are. Praying for you guys today!


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