Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grace and the Impromptu Spelling Test

(or, maybe more appropriately titled, "Why I'm Turning Gray")

So, I was working on a spelling test with Grace.

I told her the first word is math.

She spelled it out loud m-a-t-h (when she was supposed to write it),

I high fived her and told her to go write her work,

Grace: work w-o-r-k
Me: very funny Grace
Grace: funny f-u-n-n-y
Me: Grace, go write your word
Grace: write w-r-i-t-e
Me: now
Grace: now n-o-w
Me: pronto!
Grace: pronto p-r-o-n-t-o
Me: child!
Grace: child c-h-i-l-d
Me: Get it done!
Grace: get it done g-e-t-i-t-d-o-n-e
Me: GO!
Grace: go g-o
Me: I'm going to choke you
Grace: hmmm, I-little mark at the top-m-g-o-i-n-g-t-o-c-h-o-k-e-y-o-u
Me: (I pretend I'm going to flick the end of her nose)
Grace: flick f-l-i-c-k
Me: aaaaaaghhhh!!!
Grace: aaaaaghhhh a-a-a-a....

So, at this point I'm laughing... so I stop talking and start typing some homework on my laptop...
her clever little butt says: type t-y-p-e

Pray for me...

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