Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Momma, can you donate your pancreas to someone?"

Tonight Faith got up out of bed and said her pod was hurting her arm.  A quick inspection revealed that it was bleeding.  Because it wasn't yet time to change her pod, the adhesive was still really stuck well.  Even though I was using Uni-Solve to help loosen the adhesive, Faith was still screaming out in pain. So loudly that it woke JC.

He came in the room and hugged and held Faith while I worked hard to remove the old pod as painlessly as possible.  

She'd scream, he'd hug tighter.  

She'd cry, he'd kiss her and try to redirect her attention.  

JC is a sweet old soul, and he's always had a soft spot for his little "Faifers".  

I got the new pod ready to be inserted.  Faith got very upset, so JC picked her up and held her.  He smoothed her hair and talked to her, trying to calm her down.  He helped her choose her stickers to decorate her pod.  What a sweet brother he is.

When the pod clicked and the needled inserted the canulla under her skin, Faith jumped and screamed the most painfully heart-wrenching scream.  I looked up and there were tears running down JC's face.  We both quickly began to comfort Faith and assure her it was over.

Faith calmed down, I cleaned up our mess, and JC carried Faith to bed and tucked her in.

I was sitting in my chair working on some homework when JC walked into the room crying.

The words he said sliced through my concentration.

"Momma, can you donate your pancreas to someone?"

"Why do you ask, JC?"

"Because, I want to give Faith my pancreas, Mom.  I hate watching her go through this.  It hurts me when she hurts, Momma!  If you can donate your pancreas then she can have mine."

By now I'm crying as hard as he is.

"Sweet baby, no, you can't donate your pancreas.  But, you are the sweetest brother to even be willing to do that, JC.  I know it's hard to watch Faith endure all of this, it hurts me too baby.  We have to remember that God loves Faith even more than we do.  He sees what she goes through and it hurts him too.  But, we believe that God works everything for good, and that includes this.  We just have to have faith and keep praying for a cure."

"Will you pray with me RIGHT NOW, Momma?  We need a cure."

Yes, my sweet JC we sure do.


  1. He sounds AMAZING Sarah. This brought tears to my eyes...the siblings are heroes in their own right. This life, life with Type 1, affects the WHOLE family. (((HUGS))) to JC.

  2. And now I'm crying. I always seem to forget that diabetes touches a whole family and not just the kid who has it and the parents. That's a very caring young man you have. Here's to shared prayers.

  3. Oh, I am so sorry you all had such a rough night. You sure do have a sweet little boy! What a wonderful father he will make some day!

  4. What a sweet, sweet boy! T1 stinks. Most days I am still in shock that we're dealing with this malarkey. Praying with you that there is a cure!

  5. It is easy to forget that diabetes affects the whole family, but it sure does. It has been really hard on my children to watch all that their little sister has gone through, but I think it has developed a strength and true compassion that would not be there otherwise. They are great kids.

  6. This is a tear jerker! What a great brother he is and what a wonderful message you are giving him that God loves her even more than your family, which must be a WHOLE LOT! So, so sweet.

  7. ...and... now I am crying. You are doing a good job Momma.


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