Sunday, August 7, 2011

Making The Switch...

Well, I jinxed us in one of my last posts, I think.  Just a few days after I mentioned that we hadn't been on MDI (multiple daily injections) for over a year, we found ourselves having to go back on MDI.

Last Sunday we spent the day at a friends birthday pool party.  Faith is on the Animas One Touch Ping insulin pump.  One of the reasons we went with this pump is the fact that it is waterproof.  People (myself included) are always amazed that she can bathe and swim with it on (or drop it in the toilet) without ruining it, but she really can.

That is, when she hasn't messed with it.

Like the first time, when she had somehow popped the audio bolus button off - and I didn't find out until we'd spent the ENTIRE day at the spray park.  Oh, yeah and that was late in the evening, so Animas couldn't overnight it until the next day - leaving us on MDI for a couple days.  With full strength insulin. And a baby with a correction factor of something like 1:375.  Fun times.

Or the next time, just a few days later when she was teething...on her insulin pump...and chewed off the front buttons.  Seriously, she was out of my sight for like 20 minutes.

Or the 100 times that she's pulled off (and lost) the audio bolus button, which causes it to no longer be waterproof - which causes us to have no choice to order a replacement.

Or the times she's played with the cartridge and loosened it enough for it to lose prime.

Or the scariest times when she's twisted off the cartridge cap and played with a cartridge full of (life-saving, yet lethal in the wrong dose) insulin - squeezing enough insulin into her body to kill her within minutes.  Thank God for Ruby alerting us to that and saving Faith's life.  That's a story I'll tell yall on one of the Where's Wuby? Wednesdays.

This latest time, last weekend, there was a pinhole in that darn audio bolus button.  She got out of the pool to eat some birthday cake, and when I grabbed her pump to bolus her I couldn't get the buttons to unlock.  And then I noticed water bubbling up out of the middle of the audio bolus button.  And then the screen went black.  Ugh.

I think we're on our 6th (ish, I've lost count) replacement pump.  In a year.

I have to say, Animas' customer service has been GREAT.

Every time Faith breaks her pump I call and explain, and expect them to give me grief, but they never have.  They just overnight us a new one.

And we've tried EVERYTHING to limit her access to her pump.  We've put her pump in a pocket on her back, locked the pump in a pump belt, scolded her - you name it.  Nothing has worked consistently to prevent her from meddling with her pump.  Imagine tying a cell phone to your toddler and telling them not to touch it.

At this point, it feels about like handing her a loaded gun to play with and asking her to not pull the trigger.  She doesn't have any idea how much power (or danger) she holds in her hand.

After much prayerful consideration we have decided to switch to the OmniPod insulin pump.  It has its own set of challenges, but it solves our immediate (and major) problems by eliminating buttons and insulin cartridges from the equation.

We were incredibly blessed to have an anonymous donor step forward to pay for the entire thing.  We are so thankful.

So in the next week or so we will be making the switch.  We'll keep you posted.


  1. As I was reading your post I began thinking maybe you should look into OmniPod :) It has worked very well for us.

    I believe they have a discount program for people who are on other pumps. (At least I saw that last time I was on their site.)

    The only "challenge" we've had we've been able to solve for the most part.

  2. Good luck Sarah. I look forward to reading how it goes. I have been thinking of the same thing for Joe, but he loves the Animas...and ... honestly the IOB issue scares me a bit.

  3. Thanks yall. I'm looking forward to making the switch. I loved the Ping, but can't deal with the risk it poses at this stage with Faith. We got the OmniPod today and have her pump training next week. Faith is excited to get to wear her new "ipod".

    Reyna - I am afraid of that as well, but it was the lesser of the evils in this case. Plus, if I ever run into an IOB problem, I have the safety net called Ruby. It was something that definitely gave me pause, though.

    I'll let yall know how it goes.

  4. My Annie went through 16 Animas pumps over the 8 years she used them. They weren't quite as waterproof as they hoped to be--and she was a year round swimmer! She is using the OmniPod system now, and as a 17-year-old, she gets irritated at the bump under her clothes, but she's glad to be free of the tethering tube. Can't wait until the smaller model comes out this winter!


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