Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good Morning Texas

This post is part of a series called Where's Wuby? Wednesdays where I'll post a new story about Ruby, or diabetic alert dogs in general.  Ruby is a service dog trained to detect high and low blood sugars in Faith and notify me.  She has changed our lives and dramatically improved Faith's blood sugar control.  

If there was ever anything you wanted to know about these dogs, or how they work, ask away and I'll try to answer the best I can; or if you are just as amazed as me at how God created these animals, I hope you'll enjoy reading about the incredible experiences we've had so far with our Ruby.

In the meantime, you can follow Faith and Wuby on Facebook by clicking Here.


Faith, Ruby and I had the opportunity to be on Good Morning Texas this morning.  Faith was in rare form and refused to look at the camera.  For most of the interview she was turned around backwards.  Little stinker.  When they tried to mic her up she told them "no" and that they couldn't take her picture.  She's SO over this superstar stuff. ;)

After our GMT interview, we drove to a Lions Club meeting where I'd been asked to share our story by a mom whose daughter heard our story when I spoke at a school a few weeks ago.  When she introduced me, she shared that her daughter was changed after hearing our story and that she couldn't stop talking about it.  That totally had me crying, and was so sweet and encouraging to hear.  (I always wonder if the kids ever give our story another thought.)  After the meeting I had more than one person come up and thank us for sharing, a man tearfully shared that his grandson was diagnosed at age 5 and was a senior in college and doing well, and a sweet lady walked up, thanked me for coming, and said that she thought the whole thing was very enlightening for those that knew nothing about diabetes before today.  

I'm gonna call that a good start to National Diabetes Awareness Month.  

There are some great campaigns this month to raise awareness about Type 1 Diabetes, but I fear that the only one that knows about them are those of us living with type 1 diabetes.  Get out there and live out loud.  People care about our stories.  Share them.  I believe that's going to be the best way to truly make people more aware about what's it's like to live with this disease, and why it's so important to seek a cure.  

Love y'all.


  1. So great! You did awesome! I say it is an incredible start to Diabetes Awareness Month!

  2. I just found your blog while researching DADs. Your story is wonderful and you did a great job of telling it and promoting this amazing new science on TV. Keep telling it here, please. I am trying to learn how to train a DAD. I am currently training a dog to be a service dog. I am really enjoying learning about the training process. I'm a Type 1, but healthy after having an islet cell transplant. But I would like to combine my two interests. Training dogs and diabetes. This seems like such a worthwhile thing to do. Best wishes to you, Faith, and Ruby.

  3. So glad I found your blog! I have a special interest in DAD's -- I used to be a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs of TX, and one of "my" puppies was career changed to become a DAD. What a learning experience! Blessings to you--


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